Monday, October 5, 2009

All in One File!

After integrating Mint into DrJava last week, we have now made it even simpler to experiment with Mint: You can download a copy of DrJava that already includes the Mint compiler, all in one file:
That means on Windows and Linux, provided you have installed the JDK 6, you can just double-click on the jar file or start it using
java -jar drjava-r5104-mint-r14185.jar

On MacOS, you still need to install Soylatte and X11 as described in the previous post, but you don't need to set up Mint. Just run it with
java -jar drjava-r5104-mint-r14185.jar
using Soylatte under X11.

This DrJava with Mint jar file doesn't give you the mintc and mint command line utilities, but you can edit, compile and run Mint programs in DrJava. This is probably the easiest way to experiment with Mint!

Note: We recommend that you disable DrJava's auto-update feature when using the DrJava with Mint jar file. The auto-update would otherwise download new versions of DrJava without integrated Mint. Please go to Edit -> Preferences, select the Notifications category, and set "Check for new versions?" to "none (disabled)".