Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Camera-Ready Version of PLDI Paper Submitted

This afternoon, I submitted the final camera-ready version of our Mint paper that was accepted to PLDI 2010, Mint: Java Multi-stage Programming Using Weak Separability.

Eddy and I incorporated some more suggestions we had received from Julia Lawall and Sam Kamin, who sacrificed their valuable pre-OOPSLA submission time to proof-read our paper again. Thank you so much!

I'm glad that I could sign the copyright release form by myself, and that I didn't need to get the signatures of my five co-authors. That could have been a big headache: Walid is here, but I didn't see him today; Eddy and Jun are in Oxford; Yilong is an undergrad at Rice, and I haven't seen him in months; and Tamer is in Egypt. I enjoy signing other people's rights away.

All of that is done now. I think the paper got better still, and we even managed to stay six lines under the limit of twelve pages!

Camera-ready version: Mint: Java Multi-stage Programming Using Weak Separability (PDF)