Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Mint Release: r15707

When working on our GPCE tutorial, Eddy and I discovered a small bug in the Mint compiler which I have now fixed in the new release of Mint and DrJava with Mint: August 24, 2010 (r15707). The latest release is, as always, available from the Mint implementation page:
The only change I made was to fix the let expression pretty printer when the expression contained more than one declaration.

The problem never came up before because we only had one declaration per let expression, and it was always possible to rewrite

let int x = 1, y = 2; x+y


let int x = 1; let int y = 2; x+y

We are pushing the Mint compiler more, and we have discovered another problem with generic methods. Currently, Mint generates a class extending Code<X> with X occurring unbound when this method is called:

public separable abstract <X> Code<X> fun(Code<X> c1, Code<X>
c2, Object... param);

We are looking at making another bugfix soon.